Travel with me!

Photographing people I love in the places they love, wherever that may be. There’s nothing more important to me than my people, the earth underneath my feet, and creating something meaningful for others.

First, it’s important we get to know each other to make sure we’re a good fit cause trust me, it matters. I’ll go first.



Ruth & Stephan

Working with Tim was such a great experience. He was exactly what we wanted our wedding photographer to be. He doesn't gave us the feeling to be wrong in front of the camera - we never have been photographed before. It was totally worth it investing in a good wedding photographer. Trust, Sympathy and harmony was super important for us.

(translated from german)

Dea & David

After Tim photographed us during our wedding it was like we won a new friend. He is super relaxed and down the earth - he involed us into the creating process and it was super exciting for us to be part of that. The photos turned out so magical and even month after our wedding I watch through them over and over again.

Katherina & Andrew

I barely can put our experience into words. Tim was so super professional during our wedding, but still it felt like he was party of the family. For us it was a big investment, but it was 110% worth it.


We asked Tim to shoot our Elopement in Rome and he was super easy going, he didn't overcharge on his travel expenses and always asked us before he booked something.

Elena & Stephan

I am so glad that we asked Tim to shoot our wedding! Even after month I still look at the pictures and have to cry pretty often. I guess he sees more than others...

James & Rose

Thanks Tim! We are so happy with the photos and cannot thank you enough for all the work and love you put into our wedding photos.

Anna & Adrian

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Hopefully driving around in my  Volkswagen T3 van and exploring Europe with my girl…taking photos with my film camera and living the adventure life. 

So if you’re a couple living somewhere in Europe just hit me up and lets meet for a coffee or a shooting.


06 | Portugal

09 | Bolivia


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